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New ski lift in Jurgow

05. July 2007 23:11

Since many years in Jurgow there were preparations to build new ski lift. Old is not working for many years. This year it happened and in Jurgow we have a new ski lift. Before winter also some other required parts as a toilets, small bar and administration building will be finished. Now the ski lift is only t-bar lift, but work to build a bigger chairlift is in progress. Building of the lifts id driven by the company (Centrum Rekreacji i Wypoczynku HAWRAN Ltd) established by more then 200 peoples from Jurgow.

Pictures of ski lift in Jurgow

View from bottom station of the ski lift.

View from the top station of the ski lift.

Hillside is used also for paragliding.

Paraglide above the ski lift.

View of Tatra mountains from bottom of ski lift.

If ski lift is not operating hillside is used to paragliding.

View of the Tatra mountains from the hillside in Jurgow.

View of the Tatra mountains from the hillside.

Parking near to the ski lift with good access road.
Technical parameters
Ski lift typeTatrapoma typ H-100
Distance650 meters
Vertical drop150 meters
Capacity900 Persons/h
ParkingYes, good access road

Article in Polish magazine (in Polish only): Klaster jak plaster, Polityka - nr 39 (2573) z dnia 30-09-2006; s. 45


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